So… we know it’s been a little while since we’ve released a new version of Design Palette. But please don’t think we’ve forgotten about y’all!

In fact, we’ve been working hard under the hood to make it faster, more feature rich, and easier to use. In today’s release, we’ve included Wellness Pro and Smart Passive Income Pro. Both of these have been on the wish list for a while, so we’re glad to finally let y’all play with them.

As always, we’re glad you’re a customer, and look forward to making Design Palette better and better!

New Child Themes

This release includes support for 2 Genesis child themes:

How to install the update:

If your license key is entered and active, you should see an update available in your WordPress Dashboard. Click to update to the latest version. If your license key is not entered… why? That’s how the magic happens! Alternatively, you can login to your account here, download the Design Palette Pro .zip file, and upload to your Plugins via your WordPress dashboard. As always, feel free to reach out via your support widget or email if you run into any trouble updating.

Full changelog for Design Palette Pro 1.3.21:

  • New: Support for the Wellness Pro Genesis Child Theme!
  • New: Support for the Smart Passive Income Pro Genesis Child Theme!
  • Fix: Changed empty() to ! isset() for numeric based CSS builder functions to allow zero values
  • Fix: Removed duplicate link styling for post meta footer when Entry Content add-on is active
  • Fix: Altitude Pro: Added settings for responsive icon in navigation
  • Fix: Centric Pro: Added settings for previously omitted 6th home widget area
  • Fix: Digital Pro: Added separate settings for site title link color
  • Fix: Magazine Pro: Use correct setting when Entry Content add-on is active
  • Tweak: Forced low to high sorting on font weight dropdown
  • Tweak: Adjusted field lengths and spacing when messages are displayed
  • Tweak: Updated file and folder creation process to leverage the core filesystem API
  • Update: Added the option to set a blank theme, which loads no defaults
  • Update: Added gppro_load_admin_styles and gppro_load_admin_scripts actions for script and style loading
  • Update: Added gppro_disable_preview_pane filter to completely disable the preview pane
  • Update: EDD Software Licensing update library to current 1.6.10 version