We’ve released a new update! Design Palette Pro is now version 1.3.22.

How to install the update

If your license key is entered and active, you should see an update available in your WordPress Dashboard. Click to update to the latest version. If your license key is not entered… why? That’s how the magic happens! Alternatively, you can login to your account here, download the Design Palette Pro .zip file, and upload to your Plugins via your WordPress dashboard. As always, feel free to reach out via your support widget or email help@reaktivstudios.com if you run into any trouble updating.

Full changelog for Design Palette Pro 1.3.15:

    • New: WP 4.9 Compatibility
    • New: Added check for outdated PHP versions
    • New: Added compatibility with Bluehost caching
    • Fix: Issue with color pickers due to color picker changes in 4.9
    • Fix: Updated available theme array key for eleven40 Pro theme
    • Fix: Added back file permission check for generated CSS file
    • Tweak: Better comparison logic for file access check
    • Update: Update EDD Software Licensing library to 1.6.14
    • Update: Added additional checks for license management for custom multisite setups
    • Update: Better .htaccess logic for CSS file directory