Don’t want to write code to customize your Genesis theme? You don’t have to.

Design Palette Pro enables you to make quick, clean changes to your website’s design.

Get Started With Design Palette Pro

Design Palette Pro provides the one plugin that every Genesis site needs. Within 3 minutes of installing DPP, I was updating the colors of my website – something I’ve wanted to do for months.
Chris Lema, WordPress Strategist

Easily modify your StudioPress HTML5 child theme with Design Palette Pro.

Design Palette Pro currently works with most StudioPress HTML5 child themes.

You can start customizing your StudioPress HTML5 theme right now.

Genesis customizations don’t get easier than this.

Get Started with Design Palette Pro

Code-Free Customizations

Before Design Palette Pro, there wasn’t much you could do to change up the look of your site if you didn’t know code. Now you don’t have to write even a single line to modify your header or footer, navigation, content area, or sidebars.

Plenty of Free Extensions

…with more coming soon! Check out our Google Webfonts, CSS Export, Freestyle CSS, Entry Content Style, and e-News Widget extensions.

Works with HTML5 StudioPress Child Themes

DPP works with your favorite StudioPress HTML5 child themes, like Beautiful Pro, Minimum Pro, and Altitude Pro.

Toggle Between Layout Previews as You Work

Design Palette Pro allows you to easily switch between desktop, mobile, and tablet live views so you can see exactly what your site visitors see.

You don’t have to take our word for it. You can try our free demo for yourself right now.

Try the free demo

Support Like No Other

We don’t make you go to the trouble of logging into a forum or help desk. You can request support right there on DPP’s settings page.

If questions come up while you’re working, just click our cool little support widget and someone from our team will respond within 24 hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

You don’t even have to go to the trouble telling us a ton of details about you or your account, since every ticket filed via our revolutionary support widget is appended with lots of relevant information that helps us serve you.

Who says there are no shortcuts to creativity?

Design Palette Pro makes changing the look of your Genesis-powered site easy.

Get started customizing now

This is fabulous! […] A terrific option for both basic users and designers who want the ability to do quick-and-easy basic theme customizations. Bravo!
Dorian Speed, Up to Speed

How It Works:

Make sure you’re running the latest version of WordPress, okay?


Download and install the Genesis framework

Are you already running WordPress? If not, install that first.


Choose a StudioPress HTML5 child theme

Design Palette Pro is compatible with StudioPress HTML5 child themes.


Install Design Palette Pro and start customizing

No, we’re not kidding. That’s really all you gotta do.

Design Palette Pro is going to save you time and money, we guarantee it.

If you end up disagreeing with us on that, we’ll refund your money.

Really. It’s risk-free. Go on, try it.

  • Do you offer coupon codes or other discounts? Not at this time. More Details >At this time, we do not. That may change in the future, but we don’t have any immediate plans to offer them.
  • Can I upgrade my current license package? Yes! More Details >Of course! You can upgrade your license at any point for a pro-rated amount. To do so, first log in and go you your account page. There you will see a…
  • Can I move my license key to another website? Absolutely. More Details >Sure you can!  Just deactivate the key on the website it is activated one, and it will be good to reactivate on another.  This still only counts as one license…
  • How can I change the look of my content? With our free Entry Content Style extension. More Details >Try our free Entry Content Style extension to fine tune the look of the content inside posts and pages in Genesis Design Palette Pro. You can edit heading tags, list…
  • But what if I *want* to write CSS for my changes? Use our free extension, Freeform Style. More Details >Well then, you’ll probably want to try our free extension, Freeform Style. It adds an area for freeform CSS entry in Design Palette Pro so you can write CSS to…
Created and supported by Reaktiv Studios.

Reaktiv Studios are WordPress core contributors who know WordPress and Genesis inside and out. Design Palette Pro is the result of their determination to empower StudioPress users in making fast, fluid enhancements to their websites.