Changing the fonts is one of the fastest and most effective ways of changing the look of a default Genesis child theme. Google fonts are one of the most accessible ways to add custom fonts. If you’d like to harness the power of Google fonts from within the Design Palette Pro interface, we’ve made it easy for you with our free Design Palette Pro Google Webfonts plugin.

Once this plugin has been installed and activated, a selection of Google fonts will be added to any of your theme’s font family dropdown menus. These options may change depending on which Genesis child theme you have installed.

Design Palette Pro Google Webfonts menu

The hardest part is choosing which Design Palette Pro Google Webfonts to use!

If you’re having a hard time picking fonts out for your theme customization, check out Brian Gardner’s Five Favorite Google Font Combinations. One of his favorites might be just the combination you’re looking for. Or mix and match until you find your own favorite combination. Our font list is a balance of popular type styles that work well together. With over 60 fonts to choose from, there are a lot of options!

Serif Fonts: Abril FatfaceArvoBitterBree SerifCrimson TextEnriquetaFenixJosefin SlabLoraMerriweatherNeutonNixie OneOld Standard TTPlayfair DisplayPodkovaPT SerifQuattrocentoRokkittRoboto SlabSource Serif Pro and Vollkorn

Sans-Serif Fonts: AbelArchivo NarrowCabinDosisInderJosefin SansLatoMontserratOpen SansOpen Sans CondensedOrientaOswaldOxygenPathway Gothic OneQuattrocento SansQuicksandRalewayRobotoRoboto CondensedSignikaSource Sans Pro and Syncopate

Cursive/Decorative Fonts: ArizoniaBilbo Swash CapsCabin SketchCalligraffittiDancing ScriptFredericka the GreatGreat VibesHandleeKaushan ScriptLondrina OutlineLondrina SketchMeddonPacificoRock SaltSacramento and Sofia