When Design Palette Pro was first launched back in 2014, the WordPress ecosystem was in a vastly different state. WordPress v3.8 had just been released, minor WP automatic updates had just been released, and the block editor had yet to be conceived.

Upon that initial launch, DPP immediately struck a chord with users, as it has always been our goal to bridge the technical gap and make it easy for all users to customize their websites, regardless of coding knowledge. In the years since our first release, we saw many successes as we added new features and grew our user base. However, during this time, WordPress also saw rise to the block editor.

Originally referred to as Gutenberg, the block editor was launched and transformed the WordPress editor experience with their robust drag and drop interface, filled with settings waiting to be personalized.

With the success of the new block editor, it is now easier than ever to customize the appearance of your WordPress website. The ability to style your theme and favorite blog posts is now built into WordPress core and available to all users of any technical knowledge level. It is with this in mind that effective immediately we will no longer be selling Design Palette Pro.

Additionally, our support site will stop processing requests by December 22nd. For any users who have made a purchase within 30 days of this announcement and would like to request a refund, please reach out via the support widget within your DPP installation on your website.

We are eternally grateful for the achievements that we have had over the years, none of which would’ve been possible without you, our amazing customers. We have been overjoyed to have been a part of countless successful website launches, thrilled to help customers find that “a-ha!” moment when everything clicks, and humbled by your loyalty year after year.

As part of our sunsetting plans, we are planning one final release, which will be available in the coming weeks, and will include our last batch of bug fixes. DPP will not immediately stop working following its end date, however we will not be offering updates or support in the future, beyond our one final planned release.

For those looking for options moving forward on how to best customize your website, we would highly encourage using the WordPress block editor. If you are looking for additional style and function options for your themes, StudioPress has developed a fantastic extension in Genesis Blocks, which offers premium blocks, sections, & full-page layouts for the block editor, and is compatible with their entire line of Genesis child themes.

Again, we would like to thank all of you for your support over the years and for taking this journey with us as we strove to make the web a more stylish place. We wish all of you the very best with your websites and beyond.