It’s summertime here at Reaktiv HQ. We’ve already dealt with our first tropical storm (thanks for the flooding, Colin!), but we haven’t let that get in the way of pushing out some updates and new child themes.

All Work And No Play

In today’s release, we’ve included the much sought-after Digital Pro, along with Interior Pro and Streamline Pro. Why is that important? Well, as it stands now, we have full coverage for every official StudioPress child theme release! We know that’s a moving target, but it’s been a big focus of ours for the last 12 months or so, and we’re pretty excited to get it out to y’all.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for some exciting things coming down the line soon!

New Child Themes

This release includes support for 3 Genesis child themes:

How to install the update:

If your license key is entered and active, you should see an update available in your WordPress Dashboard. Click to update to the latest version. If your license key is not entered… why? That’s how the magic happens! Alternatively, you can login to your account here, download the Design Palette Pro .zip file, and upload to your Plugins via your WordPress dashboard. As always, feel free to reach out via your support widget or email if you run into any trouble updating.

Full changelog for Design Palette Pro 1.3.20:

  • New: Support for the Digital Pro Genesis Child Theme!
  • New: Support for the Streamline Pro Genesis Child Theme!
  • New: Support for the Interior Pro Genesis Child Theme!
  • Fix: Replaced deprecated function get_currentuserinfo with wp_get_current_user
  • Fix: Updated helper function for checking option key / value pairs
  • Fix: Education Pro: Fixed incorrect default values
  • Fix: Centric Pro: Added rgba color choices to active navigation items
  • Fix: Magazine Pro: Added settings for responsive icon in navigation
  • Fix: Magazine Pro: Fixed default post meta font size
  • Fix: Magazine Pro: Fixed footer widget area padding target
  • Fix: Modern Studio Pro: Removing text decoration underline when using Entry Content add on is active
  • Fix: Modern Studio Pro: Fixed trackback link colors
  • Fix: Modern Studio Pro: Set Lato font to proper native loading
  • Fix: News Pro: Corrected default font weight for home top widget title
  • Fix: No Sidebar Pro: Corrected closing bracket location for Entry Content add on check
  • Fix: Parallax Pro: Added responsive icon color and "read more" link specificity
  • Fix: The 411 Pro: Fixed incorrect default values
  • Tweak: Disabled favicon field if Customizer version is being used
  • Tweak: Increased fade out delay on save and error notifications
  • Update: Added debug function for manually setting option
  • Update: Magazine Pro: Added default values for Entry Content add-on
  • Update: EDD Software Licensing update library to current 1.6.4 version