A wise man once said, “Any time you learn, you gain.” If Bob Ross said it, it must be true. And we’ve learned a lot since releasing Design Palette Pro.

We want Design Palette Pro to “just work” for you so we’ve simplified our pricing and package structure.

Starting June 4, child theme extensions will be fully integrated into the core plugin, at each license level.

If you buy Design Palette Pro Basic, you get access to all supported Genesis Pro* (this means, uses HTML5 markup) child themes.

If you buy Design Palette Pro Plus, you get access to all supported Genesis Pro child themes.

If you buy Design Palette Pro Deluxe, you get access to all supported Genesis Pro child themes… You get the idea. (Deluxe licenses also have some new benefits coming soon!)

Going forward, each time we add support for a new child theme, you’ll get access to it through an automatic update of the Design Palette Pro plugin, without having to buy anything new.

Child Theme Support Release Schedule

On Wednesday, June 4, we’ll release an update that has support for five of the most popular Genesis Pro child themes:

  • Metro Pro
  • Minimum Pro
  • eleven40 Pro
  • Beautiful Pro
  • Executive Pro

By July 30, the remaining Genesis Pro child theme extensions will be released and already packaged into your plugin, without you having to do anything else:

  • Parallax Pro
  • Ambiance Pro
  • News Pro
  • Sixteen Nine Pro
  • Centric Pro
  • Agency Pro
  • Lifestyle Pro
  • Magazine Pro
  • The 411 Pro
  • Wintersong Pro
  • Exposé Pro
  • Modern Portfolio Pro
  • Going Green Pro
  • Streamline Pro
  • Outreach Pro
  • Focus Pro
  • Enterprise Pro

There’s a lot of them for us to build—twenty-two total, to be exact—so thanks in advance for your patience while we develop the child theme extension you need. We’ll also be working directly with StudioPress to quickly release Design Palette Pro extensions for any future Pro child theme releases.

Why are we doing this?

  • You shouldn’t have to decide which child themes you want to use when you buy Design Palette, you should get them all
  • You can now easily switch between supported child themes without buying an extension
  • Because we like you, a lot

Upcoming Price Increase

With this additional functionality, we are raising the prices on our current license offerings. Until our new release on June 4, you can still buy Design Palette Pro at the current package prices and your package will be upgraded automatically on June 4 to match our new offerings. After release, prices will change to:

  • Design Palette Pro Basic: $49 (currently $39)
  • Design Palette Pro Plus: $89 (currently $69)
  • Design Palette Pro Deluxe: $199 (currently $149)

Buy Now
(Before prices increase!)

We can’t wait to see the designs you come up with! As always, we love to hear your feedback, send us a note if you have any questions.

*Does not include themes from third-party designers that are offered on StudioPress.