TL;DR — Design Palette is now for sale in the StudioPress marketplace. We think that’s pretty sweet.

When we started building Design Palette Pro for the Genesis framework, it was with one primary focus: A better experience for the end user. Not everyone wants, knows how, or has time to code. Some people just don’t have the coin to drop for a major overhaul by a developer.

It was time for an intuitive plugin that simplified the job of making a site more attractive.

After Design Palette Pro is installed, you literally only have to push buttons and move sliders to significantly change the look of a Genesis-powered WordPress site. The feedback from the Genesis community so far has been exciting and gratifying.


A lot of what we do as developers is a battle waged in solitude, hours spent with our faces embedded in screens and chasing down lines of code that skitter around nervously, not wanting to be nailed down. Coffee is our ammunition, shipping the product is our victory.

Every now and then, people who do what we do get to snatch some glory: It comes in the form of being approached by others we respect in the industry, asking to partner with us.

Genesis is, point-blank, the best damn framework in the game. That’s why we got big cartoon-heart eyes when StudioPress came knocking on our door, telling us that they’d like Design Palette Pro to be the first third-party plugin that they offer to the StudioPress community of users.


We made rude, excited gestures at one another and then we collected ourselves, answering StudioPress with a polite ‘yes.’ After all, it’s a huge privilege to work with a company so productive and stable that it’s created an entire economy for developers offering third-party products based on StudioPress products.


We’re excited for the chance to show even more Genesis users how Design Palette Pro makes it super-easy to make design changes on the fly and without needing to hire a developer to do so. To that end, Design Palette Pro is now available in the StudioPress marketplace.

StudioPress users will be able to choose from our Basic, Plus, and Deluxe packages. When logged into their MyStudioPress account, users will receive the additional perk of StudioPress’ 25% returning customer discount, for an even better value.

It’s immensely flattering that the makers of the Genesis framework recognize that Design Palette Pro is well-built enough to offer it in their marketplace. It feels warm and fuzzy to get that sort of affirmation from some of the most-respected and nimble minds in the WordPress community. We’re humbled by and grateful for this opportunity to offer more users the ability to change their site quickly and easily with Design Palette Pro.

StudioPress members can go here and purchase the plugin!