Hey everybody! We rolled out version 1.3.17 today. I know, I know, it’s been a while since a release. But we have a good reason for that. Not only have we been making some good changes under the hood, we rolled out this FANCY NEW SITE you’re looking at now! So take a look around and let us know what you think.

New Child Themes

This release includes support for 2 Genesis child themes:

How to install the update:

If your license key is entered and active, you should see an update available in your WordPress Dashboard. Click to update to the latest version. If your license key is not entered… why? That’s how the magic happens! Alternatively, you can login to your account here, download the Design Palette Pro .zip file, and upload to your Plugins via your WordPress dashboard. As always, feel free to reach out via your support widget or email help@reaktivstudios.com if you run into any trouble updating.

Full changelog for Design Palette Pro 1.3.17:

  • New: Support for the Altitude Pro Genesis Child Theme!
  • New: Support for the Author Pro Genesis Child Theme!
  • Fix: Education Pro: Added missing responsive icon setting
  • Fix: Enterprise Pro: Fixed navigation submenu CSS borders
  • Fix: Executive Pro: Fixed secondary navigation default values
  • Fix: Magazine Pro: Fixed incorrect defaults and missing background for home display
  • Fix: Minimum Pro: Updated always_write declaration
  • Fix: Modern Studio Pro: Fixed navigation text-transform defaults and CSS borders
  • Fix: News Pro: Fixed incorrect defaults and layout area rendering for home display
  • Fix: Parallax Pro: Fixed incorrect font stack defaults for home widget areas
  • Fix: Parallax Pro: Added settings and CSS reset for the smaller screens margins and padding
  • Update: added more detail to license verification errors
  • Update: added checks and notifications for the suhosin library
  • Update: added check for max_input_vars and serializing if default count is higher
  • Update: added object and minification cache purging on save for W3 Total Cache
  • Tweak: corrected / added child theme versions