How to install and activate Design Palette Pro

Within your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins (1). Go to “Add New” (2) and select “Upload” (3). Select the correct .zip file (4) for Design Palette Pro, and click “Install Now” (5). Upon successful installation, click “Activate Now”.




You are now ready to go to Design Palette Pro and enter the license key provided in your emailed purchase receipt. From the Design Palette Pro, you’ll see a red “Enter License Key” button (1). Clicking that will take you to the “Support” tab (2), where you will enter your License Key and click “Activate License” (3). Without entering your license key, the Support Widget will not be activated. Once activated, your Support Widget will automatically display above where you just entered your license key. If you need support in the future, come back to this area and the Support Widget will be there waiting for you as long as your license key is valid and activated.



How to select your child theme within Design Palette

Upon installation, Design Palette Pro will attempt to detect the child theme you are using. If it cannot, or if you need to change the child theme support within Design Palette Pro, you can do so from the Design Palette Pro “Settings” tab (1). Once you’ve clicked the “Settings” tab, look for the “Theme” area and select your supported child theme from the drop-down (3) and click “Save Settings” (4).



How to use the Live Preview Pane

You can use the Live Preview Pane to see how your changes will look as you make them. By default, the Live Preview will load your home page. You can change the page loaded in the Live Preview Pane by entering the URL of the page you want to edit. From the Design Palette Pro “Settings” tab (1), go to the “Preview” area and enter the URL of your page (3), leave “Display Preview in Logged In Mode” unchecked, and click “Reload Preview” (4). Be sure to scroll back up and click “Save Settings” (5).




How to use the Color Picker

Throughout Design Palette Pro, there is a Color Picker for color styling on various areas of your site. To use the Color Picker, click “Current Color” (1), and drag the circle (2) within the color box to select the color you like. Use the hue bar (3) to switch between colors in the color box, and use the tone slider (4) to adjust tone within your chosen hue. While you’re adjusting all of these things, the Hex color code box (5) will reflect the Hex color code of the colors you drag or slide over.


How to use the Padding Sliders

Throughout Design Palette Pro, there are Sliders for padding styling on various areas of your site. To use Sliders (1), click the square on the slider (2) and drag left to reduce padding, or right to increase padding. You’ll see the padding change reflected in the Live Preview Pane as you slide.


How to use your Support Widget

From the Design Palette Pro “Support” tab (1), look for “Help & Support” (2). The name and email address associated with your plugin account will pre-load in the fields, but you can edit those if necessary. Please double-check your email address; if this is incorrect, we will be unable to reply. Please give a description of the issue you are having, and click “Submit Request” (3). Our support team will receive the support ticket and respond via email.


The most important thing: Save Settings!

Besides the installation and activation, the most important feature in Design Palette Pro is the “Save Settings” button. It is located at the top of every tab within Design Palette Pro (1). If you do not click this after making changes, your changes will be lost.


How to properly deactivate Design Palette Pro

It’s very important that you don’t deactivate the plugin itself before you deactivate your license key. If you do this, the license key will be stuck in “activated” mode. If you are having trouble with your license key, please reach out to Support via your Support Widget or by email to

Within the Design Palette Pro “Support” tab, scroll down to the License Key area. Click deactivate license. You will see a green success message.




Now you can go to your Plugins page and deactivate Design Palette Pro if necessary/desired.