A new version of Design Palette Pro is here, with improved controls for popular themes, updates for PHP 8 improvements, and more!

As our line of compatible themes experience their own version updates, we always strive to keep DPP in line with their new layouts and features. This release of DPP is no exception and we now have the latest level of customization available for several popular Genesis themes. Additionally, we’ve included updates to keep everything running smoothly for users who’ve upgraded to PHP 8. Finally, we’ve included overall bug fixes and performance upgrades to round out the update.

Genesis Design Palette Pro v1.9.3

Theme Updates

We’ve included theme updates for several popular themes. Monochrome Pro now has improved front page support so you can craft that perfect homepage for all of your visitors. Additionally, No Sidebar Pro now has an enhanced set of content area components for users who prefer a more streamlined theme, but still want the ability to customize its appearance. Finally, Academy Pro has an upgraded set of content area options as well, which makes it even easier to more fully personalize your website offerings.

Compatibility and bug fixes

As PHP 8 is becoming the WordPress standard we’ve made some updates with DPP to ensure compatibility. DPP is always fully tested against every new release of WordPress, Genesis, and PHP to make certain that everything stays in compliance and you’ll continue to be able to make all of the customizations you’ve come to expect.

Changelog 1.9.3

  • Updated: Monocrome Pro front page support.
  • Updated: No Sidebar Pro content area components.
  • Updated: Academy Pro content area.
  • Fixed: Issue with colorpicker.
  • Fixed: PHP8 compatibility error in CSSTidy.

How to install the update:

If your license key is entered and active, you should see an update available in your WordPress Dashboard. Click to update to the latest version. If your license key is not entered… why? That’s how the magic happens! Alternatively, you can login to your account here, download the Design Palette Pro .zip file, and upload to your Plugins via your WordPress dashboard. As always, feel free to reach out via your support widget or email help@reaktivstudios.com if you run into any trouble updating.


Have questions about this update? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.