A painter is only as good as his tools.

And we strive to bring you the best tools possible. We’ve just pushed out three new add-ons for Design Palette Pro that boost the power and finesse of your paintbrush. The fact that they’re free is just a bonus. Read more about what they are, and what they can do for you, below.

CSS Export

Adds a button to the Design Palette Pro settings tab to export a raw CSS file. Super useful if you want to back up your CSS file, or even use your saved Design Palette Pro design on another site.

Entry Content Styler

This will help you fine tune the look of the content inside posts and pages using Design Palette Pro. You can use this bad boy to edit heading tags, list items, and paragraphs individually to get a completely unique look.

E-News Widget Add-on

Do you use the Genesis eNews Extended widget? Customize your newsletter subscription forms with the full power of Design Palette Pro and the eNews Widget add-on. Colors, typography, spacing are at your command. If you’re using Metro Pro or Minimum Pro, the eNews Widget add-on is smart enough to update your defaults.

Go download one or all of them here!