Below is a list of guidelines regarding the Design Palette Pro Affiliate Program. Please read carefully. Application to the Design Palette Pro affiliate program constitutes understanding and acceptance of these guidelines.

Websites approved for use in the Design Palette Pro affiliate program
Most blogs and websites qualify to participate in the Affiliate Program. However, we reserve the right to refuse or revoke membership at any time if we determine that your website contains objectionable material. Your site must also be fully functional with original content. Spam or scraper sites will not be approved. If your site is still in its development stage, please apply after it’s completed.

Discount and deal-type websites
We are not offering public Discount Codes at this time. Should you operate a coupon or deal-type website, please be clear in the Description section of the Affiliate Program application as to how you intend to promote Design Palette Pro.

Using the Design Palette Pro or Genesis Design Pro names in a domain name
Any affiliate who intends to market a Reaktiv Studios, Inc. name, including but not limited to Design Palette Pro and Genesis Design Pro, in a top-level domain (eg. must obtain written consent from Reaktiv Studios, Inc. prior to execution. Each marketing plan is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Sample Affiliate Disclaimer
Affiliates who have obtained written approval from Reaktiv Studios, Inc. to use Design Palette Pro or Genesis Design Pro in a top-level domain must include an affiliate disclaimer in the site footer. For example: “This website is independently owned by an affiliate marketer of Design Palette Pro/Genesis Design Pro. It is not sponsored by Design Palette Pro, Genesis Design Pro, Reaktiv Studios, Inc., WordPress, or Automattic Inc. Design Palette Pro, Genesis Design Pro, StudioPress, the Genesis Framework, and WordPress are registered trademarks of their respective owners.”

Using the Design Palette Pro, Genesis Design Pro, or Reaktiv Studios name in URLs, ads or promotions
While we encourage you to use our brand in your promotions on your site, prior consent is required by Reaktiv Studios Inc. for use of the term Design Palette Pro or Genesis Design Pro in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other social networking site URLs.

Buying themes using your own Affiliate link
As a general rule, Affiliates are not eligible for commissions on purchases made through your own affiliate link. However, we recognize there may be situations where your business makes sales in such a way that this process is preferable. Since we monitor transactions for self-sales, we ask that you get in touch with us before you begin using your own links for sales so we can set up an arrangement that meets your processing needs.

Affiliate Links to Design Palette Pro in third-party marketplaces
Design Palette Pro is also sold in the StudioPress Marketplace. If you’re a StudioPress affiliate, the StudioPress affiliate rules will apply to Design Palette Pro purchases made in the StudioPress Marketplace and are not payable by Reaktiv Studios. If you are approved to join the Design Palette Pro affiliate program, your affiliate links must only point to URL’s within our main marketplace,

Violation of Affiliate Program
If you have a concern that you may be violating any of our guidelines, please contact us. Chances are, we can find a way to work through this without any issue. That said, Affiliates found to be in violation of the Affiliate Program Guidelines will forfeit commissions relating to either the specific transaction in violation or all commissions assigned. Excessive violations will result in termination of the violating party’s Affiliate account. You don’t want that; we don’t want that– so if there are any questions regarding guidelines, please just ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I need to purchase Design Palette Pro to be an affiliate? More Details >While it isn’t required, we would like the folks promoting it to have some experience with it.
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