The following are instructions for import of the Design Palette Pro exclusive “Cleo” Palette that is included with the Deluxe package.


-Installation and activation of Design Palette Pro
-Installation and activation of our free Google Fonts extension. Note: exclusive Palette will still load without this extension, but will not display fonts as shown on the Palette Preview.

To Install the “Cleo” Palette

1. Go to the Design Palette Pro menu item within the Genesis menu item on your admin menu.

Step 1

2. Select the “Settings” tab

Step 2

3. Once “Settings” is selected, scroll down to the “Data Import” area

4. Use “Choose File” to select the .json file of your preferred Palette

5. Click “Upload & Import”

Steps 3 4 5

That’s it! Cleo is now loaded!

Cleo Preview Pane